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Posted by Megan Keisling on Apr 24, 2014 9:00:00 AM


We're wrapping up our Get to Know the Designer series with the last few members of our design team.

One of our newest members of the team, Allison Detmer, joined Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home earlier this year. 


Allison has a background in both interior design and event planning and has worked with several local design firms in the Greenville area.

1. Why did you decide to get into the interior design industry? I have known my whole life I wanted to be an interior designer! My dad had a talent and interest in architecture, so we were always working on a project on our home, knocking out walls, or repainting. Even when it was playtime as a child, I never really played with my dolls - I just built houses for them! I just never wanted to do anything else.

2. What do you love most about the design process? Tough question - I love it all! My favorite part of the project is working on the "bones" of the house. I love selecting tile, plumbing, lighting, stone, trim, etc. I also really enjoy the process of getting a client from "I don't know what I want" to "this feels like my home."


3. What is your personal design style? It's always been hard for me to put my finger on my own style, I have an appreciation for almost every design style. Looking at my home, I tend towards transitional- I love clean lines but like to mix with antiques and a lot of dark wood tones. I enjoy a neutral palette with pops of intense color in unexpected places.

4. What is your favorite item or accessory you own? I have a beautiful antique bed and vanity that my mother found on the side of the road when I was a child. It has all the original paperwork with it about the man who made it in his small workshop. I watched her restore it when I was little so it has so much sentimental value to me.


5. With summer just around the corner, what's your favorite summer-time activity? I always do my best to make it to an amusement park in the summer. I have a serious roller coaster addiction! Weekend trips to the beach or mountains is, of course, a close second favorite.

6. What are five words that describe you? Creative, Quirky, Sarcastic, Opinionated, Compassionate

7. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? I went to Kenya two years ago and can't wait to go back! Africa is such an inspiring place, and I loved the people in Nairobi. I am hoping to plan a trip for next year and visit a few new places.


8. What do you enjoy doing outside of work? I love to spend time with my family and travel - I love weekend getaways to the beach or mountains, especially this time of year! I also love to sing, go to hear live music, and see plays and musicals.

9. What are you most proud of accomplishing? I feel my greatest accomplishments are growth of character. I am proud of my work as a designer over the last six years, but all the business success in the world pales in comparison to developing relationships with others, volunteering my time and resources, and being known as a person of character.

10. Where do you draw inspiration from? I think looking through all of the design magazines I can get my hands on is important. I also like to travel and see new architecture, sketch new shapes and ideas, etc. My biggest inspiration, however, would be my clients. Whatever inspires them inspires me.


11. Currently obsessed with... Velvet! I was reading last week about how one of the new 2014 trends is getting away from lighter fabrics {cottons and linens} and moving toward richer fabrics. I have always loved the sheen and texture of a great velvet, mohair, or corduroy and am excited for clients to get on board with this resurfacing trend!

We appreciate Allison taking the time to answer these questions. Contact us to work with Allison or other members of our design team on your next design project. 

More about Allison: Allison is a 2008 graduate from Bob Jones University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in interior design. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, attending plays, musicals and concerts and enjoys spending time with family.

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