Incorporating Fall 2014 Fashion Trends In Your Home

Posted by Megan Keisling on Sep 16, 2014 9:00:00 AM


The first official day of fall is right around the corner, which means it's almost time to dig out your boots and sweaters that have been tucked away for several months. The changing season means cooler temperatures and warmer clothes - but it also means new fashion trends.


Each season, the various fashion brands grace the runway with new collections and fashion predictions. Since we know that interior design is where fashion meets the home, we thought we would take some of the 2014 fall fashion trends being predicted and share some advice on how you can incorporate these same trends into your home.


60s Styles and Patterns

It seems the 60s are making a comeback, which means we'll be seeing mini-skirts, Mary-Janes and bold /bright colors and patterns in fashion. If you are looking to incorporate some 60s' flair into your home, look for simple and clean lines when it comes to furniture along with unique lighting and graphic patterns. Another trait of mid-century design is natural and neutral colors paired with more bold and bright colors.



Velvet is a somewhat under-used and forgotten fabric that can add so much to a space. With its soft and beautiful texture, it's the perfect way to create visual warmth, fitting for the cooler outdoor temperatures of fall. Upholster an accent chair in your favorite velvet fabric or incorporate a few decorative velvet pillows that can be changed out when warmer weather returns.



Bold Black & White Patterns

Designing with black and white is a color combination some don't consider due to fear of it being stark or boring. But it's a color combination that we think is stunning and beautiful. It looks like this fall is all about wearing bold black and white patterns that stand out and make a statement. Incorporate bold black and white patterns through the use of simple decorative pillows, rugs, or artwork for a less permanent look.



Brass and copper accents were a big trend last fall and it seems that the gold trend in both fashion and design is here to stay a while longer. Just like velvet, gold adds warmth and life to a room. Gold accessories and furnishings also pop and stand out among other finishes, helping to draw your eye to certain parts of a space. Mixing different finishes like gold and silver is acceptable when done in a thoughtful and purposeful way.



Allover Knits

Wool and knitted material is very common in the late fall/winter season as it provides needed warmth. Most sweaters are made of this thicker material and we're going to see more of it from head to toe with the allover knit look. Knitted and wool material can also be incorporated into your home through accessories like throws or pillows. Cable-knit throws are not only beautiful but super cozy and the perfect accessory to curl up with next to a crackling fire.

Looking for additional ways to prepare your home for the new season? Download this fall design guide full of additional tips, trends and even a yummy fall recipe.

Download our  Fall Design Guide


Photos by: Rachael Boling


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