Everything You Need to Style Your Shelving

Posted by Megan Keisling on Sep 4, 2014 9:00:00 AM


Open shelving can be a beautiful addition to one's home. It not only adds additional storage for necessary items but it also allows you to display elegant accessories and let your personal taste and style shine through. But at times, all that open space can be daunting. How do you style it properly and what accessories should you use?

We wrote a post about the art of styling that offers advice and tips for how to style your accessories whether on shelving or vignettes on tables. If you are in need of accessories to fill those shelves, here is everything you might need to style your shelving.


1. Displaying small objects on your shelving is the perfect way to create depth and interest. This hammered nickel-plated brass bowl would look beautiful paired with taller objects to allow for varying heights and greater interest.

2. Books are an easy way to add color to your shelves and show off your personal interests. For those that love fashion and its history, this In Vogue book would look fantastic placed upright among other interest books or laid horizontally with various accessories styled around it.

3. In addition to special interest books, books with beautiful spines and cover detailing are perfect for filling up large amounts of space on your shelves. These elegant textured ivory books with script detailing offer a time-worn choice for dressing up your shelves.

4. Picture frames are another ideal and versatile accessory for shelving. A gorgeous frame like this horn and bone frame offers a beautiful graphic pattern while also allowing you to share precious memories.

5. Flowers can add warmth and light to a space and can make a room more inviting. Instead of adorning your shelves with real life buds that will wither quickly, opt for a beautiful botanical reproduction like this peony glass cube with beautiful life-like buds.

6. Another special interest book that not only shows off your exquisite taste in fashion but also features gorgeous cover art is this Dior book. The book features 150 of Dior's most beautiful dresses.

7. As mentioned, it's important to incorporate objects of varying heights. This Michael Aram Wisteria Vase not only offers beautiful sculpted texture but also provides necessary height among objects on your shelving.

8. If you are looking for a simple and classic picture frame to display your beautiful family or special memories, this Michael Aram Molten Frost Frame features hand-crafted beading and a unique matte finish.

What accessories are currently gracing your shelves? Which of the above accessories would you wish to add to your collection?

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