Today's Interior Design Inspiration:: Interior Uses for Brick

Posted by Megan Keisling on Oct 15, 2015 9:00:00 AM


With the exception of using on a mantel, brick is probably not a material that comes to mind when considering interior building materials. It's more commonly used on the exterior of homes. But, using brick in various places on the interior of your home can make for a very beautiful detail.

Brick adds gorgeous texture and dimension to a space and creates an unexpected moment. If you are unsure how to incorporate brick in the interior of your home, here are a few inspiring spaces that use brick beautifully.

If you are adding on to your existing home, consider keeping the old exterior brick wall to use in the interior of your home. An entire wall of brick makes for a unique focal point and also pays homage to the history of your home and its original exterior.


When it comes to flooring, the most popular options are hardwood floors or tile {depending on the room}. But, using brick pavers as flooring is a wonderful option as well. With the right style of home, brick flooring offers an affordable and durable flooring option. When sealed properly, it's very easy to maintain and can stand the test of time as compared to other materials.


Another use for brick pavers in your home is on your ceiling. A beautiful brick ceiling, like this brick barrel vaulted ceiling, adds tremendous warmth to a space. Brick comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes and can be laid out in various patterns to create a truly unique look. 


Here is another gorgeous brick floor. Instead of laying the brick in straight lines, the brick was installed in a herringbone pattern. Paired with other textural materials, like stone, the brick flooring makes the space feel inviting and comfortable.


Whether you have a vaulted barrel ceiling or a standard flat ceiling, brick pavers can add loads of interest. The wood beams and columns paired with the brick ceiling in this kitchen create a truly elegantly textured space. 


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Would you ever consider incorporating brick in the interior of your home? If so, which of the above uses interests you the most?

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