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Posted by Megan Keisling on Jun 3, 2014 9:00:00 AM


Kitchens serve an important function in our homes. It's a space where meals are prepared, food is devoured, and conversations are shared. In a lot of homes, it's the central location where people gather to spend time together. Something about food brings people together.

Kitchens serve much more than a functional purpose, which makes it all the more important to add personality to this space. Accessorizing your kitchen with practical, unique, and colorful accessories can make this space feel more personal and lively.

Here are a few of our favorite kitchens that showcase a number of beautiful accessories.

This mountain home kitchen has a clean neutral color palette, but the earth tone countertop and cabinet accessories add a bit of color while blending with the kitchen's overall design.


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In this all white kitchen, the dishware in the glass-front cabinets, cookbooks, and NDI rose botanical on the counter add subtle color to this space while also personalizing it.


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Open shelving in a kitchen is a great way not only to store functional kitchen accessories but also to add color and interest. This open shelving, in particular, features functional kitchen accessories like unique and beautiful trays and a cake stand along with personal mementos.


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When designing your kitchen cabinetry, it's good to consider ways not only to add functional storage but also display some of your favorite kitchen items. This can be done through glass-front shelving or open cabinetry. Take this coastal kitchen for example. The residents can display their favorite dinnerware and serving pieces in their glass-front cabinets to add color and interest, while their favorite stemware can be displayed in the open shelving.


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Here's another example of incorporating glass-front shelving to display kitchen items. Whether it's barware pieces or serving pieces, this type of cabinetry enables you to accessorize your kitchen in a subtle way. Don't forget to accessorize your countertops as well. Clear glass jars and serving trays are perfect items to display.


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When opting for open shelving, consider something that adds contrast to the wall. These dark solid wood shelves look fabulous against the creamy subway tile and are the perfect place to add personal and lovely accessories.


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When selecting accessories for your kitchen, be sure to select items that fit with your home's overall style and also blend with your home's color palette.

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Photos by: Rachael Boling

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