How to Let Your Personality Shine In Your Home

Posted by Megan Keisling on Jul 22, 2014 9:00:00 AM


There are a lot of 'rules' that can be thrown around when it comes to the proper way to design your home. While a lot of those 'rules' are helpful in creating spaces that functionally work and will be pleasing to the eye, that doesn't mean you can't add your own flair and style.


Your home should be a reflection of not only your personal style but also your personality and interests. Whether you are artistic, quiet, or a social butterfly, your home should showcase and reveal bits and pieces of your personality. After all, isn't that in part what makes it your home?

Curious how to accomplish this? Here are just a few simple ways for how to let your personality shine in your home.



Charismatic or Adventurous

Do you have a thing for quirky objects or aren't afraid to try something new? Then be a bit bold when it comes to designing your home. Use an unexpected color somewhere or incorporate a unique, unexpected accessory or furniture piece. Those little touches of quirky and daring statements will showcase your unique personality and your love of being different.



Resourceful or Creative

For those who don't like to see things go to waste or have a knack for finding unique uses for everyday or discarded objects, consider salvaging found materials or objects and re-purpose them in your home. This could be re-using salvaged antique doors, old windows, or discarded wood in a new and beautiful way. These materials and items could be used as art or architectural detailing or can provide a functional use in your home.


Calm or Relaxed

Those with an easy going personality who are generally calm and don't let the little things get to them should have a home and furnishings that reflect that no frills, laid back nature. Casual furnishings made of durable materials are the route to go for this group of people. Your furniture should be inviting and comfortable. Use furnishings that aren't lavish or expensive but instead invite use and wear.



Elegant or Sophisticated

Do you have a personality that likes elegant or sophisticated events, objects, or attire? If so, your personality can shine through in your home with certain finishes, furnishings, and colors. Mirrored or glass pieces, neutral colors, and marble for example all give off an air of savoir faire. Having an elegant or sophisticated space doesn't have to always mean expensive or museum-like. Finding pieces that have the same look as their more expensive counterpart can accomplish the same feeling.


Cultured or Scholarly

If you are someone that loves to learn, travel, or immerse yourself in culture, your home should be a direct reflection of your passions and interests. Incorporate special mementos from recent travels and styles from different cultures to show guests your love of exploring and learning. Framed wall maps, educational books, or historical accessories will all reveal your cultured and scholarly personality.

What does your home say about your personality?

Photos by: Rachael Boling

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