How to Design for Him & Her

Posted by Megan Keisling on Jun 24, 2014 9:00:00 AM


Designing a home can be challenging when people in the home have different tastes and styles. This is especially common with males and females. A particular couple might have conflicting design aesthetics with her preferring more feminine touches while he may want a more "manly" space.


So how do you compromise and incorporate both styles into one cohesive look? If you are struggling to agree with your spouse or significant other on what you want your home to look like, here are a few suggestions on how to design with both his and her tastes in mind.

Balance is key. It's ok to incorporate feminine detailing but just be sure to balance it out with other styles. For example, if you use a floral print in a room, use solids and textures to balance out the remaining fabric selections. The opposite is also true. If a rug is linear or more masculine, consider incorporating feminine drapery panels. The contrasting styles not only add interest but are also a great way to compromise.


Select gender neutral furniture pieces. Since furniture pieces are what a space is largely designed around and really define a space, pick pieces that are neither masculine nor feminine. Select furniture that is visually substantial instead of delicate and dainty. This ensures that the space doesn't reflect one style over another.


It's ok to mix and match. Are you holding onto your ultra-chic and curvy bedside lamp and he's refusing to give up his brass side-arm lamp? No need to fret - just because your personal treasures don't match doesn't mean they can't work together. As long as each of your favorite decor items share some similarities, it's ok that they don't perfectly match. In this case, if the lamps are a similar height and overall size, using both in a space actually adds a lot of personality and showcases both of your styles.


Select gender neutral paint colors. Just like you would choose a gender neutral paint color for a nursery before knowing the sex, it's important to choose gender neutral paint colors when designing a space for both him and her. Neutral paint colors like whites, creams, grays and beiges are great base colors for a particular room or an entire home. Starting with neutral colors allows you to bring in fun decor accents and pair both masculine and feminine accessories without concern of clashing.


Choose gender neutral artwork. Some wall decor can feel overly feminine or masculine {i.e. floral prints}. When selecting wall art, choose options that are gender neutral like wall maps, abstract art pieces or landscapes. While some floral prints can look beautiful paired with masculine touches, be sure to consider your significant other and their taste when buying artwork.

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