Creating a Space That Grows With Your Child

Posted by Megan Keisling on Aug 19, 2014 9:00:00 AM


Decorating and creating a nursery space for your new little one is a special time. For some, it's something you've dreamed about. You've probably thought about the cute accessories you want to feature and the color scheme you want to use.


You want to create a space that's tailored and fit for a newborn, but it's also important to create a space for your child that's not only an extension of your overall home and its style but also a space that can grow with them over time. Completely re-decorating can be costly and time consuming when they grow up so fast. Here are a few things to keep in mind to create a space that will grow with your child and ensure its use for many years to come.




When selecting furniture, be sure to select pieces you will be pleased with for years to come. Gone are the days where temporary changing stations are common. Instead, look for a substantial dresser in a finish that will blend into future color schemes and can serve a dual purpose in the meantime. Consider placing pops of color in bedding, art or a night stand that is more easily replaceable.




A fully-upholstered swivel glider for a nursery is not only practical during the early years, but can also be used as they get older for a cozy place to curl up and read their favorite book. When investing in upholstery, select a neutral fabric that would work well in a future location, such as a living area or another bedroom. Choosing a gender neutral slipcovered fabric is also a practical way to protect your furniture through the wear and tear it will receive over the years.




When selecting your child’s bedding, keep three words in mind:  timeless, washable, and simple.  Their interests in characters and hobbies will come and go.  Rather than putting your budget into an entire room theme, incorporate fun bed sheets and pillows layered with a classic duvet, coverlet, or comforter.  Additionally, if you grow bored of the same color scheme over the years, changing the pillows and accessories is an easy way to freshen the space.




The best thing about paint is its impermanence and impact on a space. Before selecting a color, consider choosing a brand of paint that offers a low VOC formula for better air quality in your child's room. When selecting a color, consider a somewhat neutral color that can be enjoyed for years. When going with a color, choose a lighter tone or lighten the color by 25% to 50% to help tame some of the brighter colors.




When choosing lighting, select fixtures that will transition well from nursery to an older child's room. Lamps once used near a glider, for example, can be placed on a bedside table or desk in the future. When investing in an overhead fixture, choose a pendant or chandelier that would work well in the later years. A nice chandelier or drumshade pendant are great options that work well for any age.

For further help designing your child's room and creating spaces that work for your small children, be sure to check out our post about how to design kid-friendly spaces and download these tips from our design team.

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