5 Reasons You Should Work With an Interior Designer

Posted by Allison Fierce on May 14, 2015 1:28:00 PM


This week's guest blogger: Jane Blanchard.

With all the do-it-yourself projects and accessible home improvement guides that are available on the internet, it's tempting to dive into redecorating by yourself without the help of an interior designer. 

Not having to pay an expert will save you money, right? Actually, you might save more money with an interior designer than without one. While DIY can be fun and empowering, here are five benefits to working with an interior designer that might make you think twice about doing it yourself. 

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1. Saving Money

Like most, you probably consider an interior designer an unnecessary expense you'd prefer to avoid, but a designer's expertise could actually save you money. Interior designers have knowledge cutting costs and contacts that get them special or reduced pricing for a variety of products and services. Interior designers also know what projects increase resale value. Although you may not like the price tag, think about all the ways hiring an interior designer can get you more bang for your buck.


2. Professional Budgeting and Planning

If you've ever tackled a design or renovation project, you already know how the cost ends up being much more than you expected and can even spiral completely out of control. Rather than risk running out of money and leaving a room unfinished, using an interior designer will help you figure out your budget as well as the best plan of attack for the project. They'll also be able to look at what you already have and see ways that things can be reused to save you additional money.

3. Access to Resources

Interior designers have contacts that the average person doesn't have, amassed from their experience and prior partnerships. Contractors and furniture wholesalers are just a couple of your interior designer's resources that you can benefit from, which will not only you save money, but gives you more options and design choices.

4. The 'Wow' Factor

Sure, you could probably decorate or renovate that bedroom and it would look fine, but don't you want it to have that something extra? An interior designer sees things you're likely to miss and knows ways to take a room's look to the next level. Using an interior designer is the difference between a room that's "Fine" and a room that's "Wow!"

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5. Practical Knowledge

Are you planning on having floating sofas in the middle of your living room? Would you have thought to install floor outlets since the seating isn't near the walls? Interior designers are trained to identify client needs that most would miss. Their knowledge makes them capable of enhancing your home improvement project so that it's truly an improvement with no corners cut or necessary pieces missing.

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Advantages of Hiring  an Interior Designer

Jane Blanchard is a blogger, home design geek, and graphic designer from Savannah, GA. 

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