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Posted by Megan Keisling on Mar 12, 2013 9:00:00 AM


Interior design is very similar to fashion. As in fashion where someone's choice of clothing is an expression of their creativity and individuality, the design and look of a home should also be a reflection of those that live there.

Interior design is where fashion meets the home. Whether it's choosing a color scheme, how to mix the proper materials, or accessorizing, many of the same design concepts overlap in both fashion and interior design. And you can find a lot of the latest fashion trends being reflected in current home designs.

Today, we thought it would be fun to round up some of our most fashionable rooms we've designed and pair them with a current fashion trend/look to show you what we're talking about.

PFP Fashionable Room 1

Classic and tailored looks are always a trend in fashion. Take this gown. It has a very reserved and understated color palette yet still reads elegant and chic. A very similar color palette was used in the above home allowing it to have a very timeless and edited look.

PFP Fashionable Room 2

In fashion, you see a lot of mixing of textures, materials, and fabrics. Just like the outfit on the left mixes textures and materials, so does the design of this gorgeous bathroom with the various finishes and tiles.

PFP Fashionable Room 3

Sometimes in fashion it's the accessories that make the statement. The necklace on the left adds a touch of glamour to the outfit and so does the gorgeous antique crystal chandelier in this bedroom. It finishes the space by giving the room an overall luxurious and glamorous feel.

PFP Fashionable Room 4

In fashion, the details and embellishments to a gown or outfit are what give it that 'wow' factor. The beading at the top is part of what makes this gown stunning. In interior design, the details of the room are also what give it an overall finished look. With the couch and wall color as the main backdrop of the room on the right, the mirrors, coffee table, rug and accessories all added complete the design of this room and make it captivating.

What are some fashion trends that you are seeing in interior design?

If you like some of the fashionable rooms you've seen and need help infusing fashion into your home, be sure to contact one of our designers today.

Fashion images from Christian Dior's 2013 Spring Collection.

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